What Is Grammarly

What Is Grammarly? How Can It Help Students Write Better Contents?

What Is GrammarlyGrammarly is the premium automated tool used to proofread the document. It is one of the best tools which are used to correct mistakes. You can improve your writing style through Grammarly web application. It is an expensive tool but very effective.

No matter whether if you are a student, content writer by profession or whatever but Grammarly always assists its users to make their content better not even better, but It helps to make it best.

It’s a bet that no one can point out mistakes if the content is written in Grammarly.

Features of Grammarly

Let’s discuss the features of Grammarly;

  • Mistake corrections: You’ll be able to see your mistakes on the sidebar of the Grammarly tool, and you’ll be suggested to replace it or correct it manually.
  • Improvement of writing style: Your writing style will be improved. You’ll be asked to add commas and full stop on the properly after the word where it should be.
  • Easy-to-use platform: I think it is very amazing at user-end. Usability of Grammarly tool is great. You can use it easily without any complications. You don’t need to be an expert, or you don’t need to learn anything for its usage. All the functionalities of these tools are available on the dashboard.
  • Free, up-gradable software: This is the upgrade-able tool, you’ll be offered to buy the premium packages, It depends upon you that which pricing plan suits your requirement.
  • Grammarly Editor: In Grammarly editor you probably put your content and see instructions about your content, you can say that it looks like the content editor.
  • Misspelled words: It’s a fact that while writing, writers misspelled words and you don’t need to examine each line, just put your content into Grammarly editor and see the magic of Grammarly. It will show you all misspelled words with the correct suggestion, and you’ll be asked to correct it.
  • Native desktop apps (Windows and MacOS): Desktop apps are available for both operating systems, no matter whether if you are using windows or IOS, you can use it. The best thing in desktop apps is that it will assist you in all tasks where you write text.
  • Personal dictionary: If you are writing a topic on a term and that term isn’t available in the English dictionary, and you’ll be suggested some words so, you can add that word into your personal dictionary, and in that case, your term will be considered correct.
  • Plagiarism detector: This is one of the best features of Grammarly because It will show you the deep scan report where you’ll be able to see the website list from which your content is copied not the only paragraph even if your one line is copied from any other reference then you’ll be able to examine.
  • Repetitive words: If you have used one word for many times then it will suggest you alternative best words to replace with you repetitive words.
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions: As you know every user has its own vocabulary knowledge and probably it depends upon the level of user so, now you don’t need to be worried because It will give you some suggestions and you’ll be able to replace words with your words.
  • Word definitions and suggestions: Some instructions will be shown on the extreme right side of the dashboard or Grammarly in the Grammarly editor, you’ll able to read the definitions of words, and you’ll be suggested some best changes.

Additional Features:

  • It checks your content by comparing it across all the websites.
  • You can access your article on multiple devices by signing in to your account with your email address.
  • If you are using a desktop application on windows operating system, then you can integrate it with your Microsoft office for proofreading.
  • You can use Grammarly application on both windows as well as the Apple operating system.
  • If you want to change your select word, then double click or tap on the word you are willing to change then you’ll be able to select one word from the suggested words.
  • You can point out the spelling and grammatical mistakes if you have put your content into the Grammarly editor.
  • The term or words which are not available in the dictionary so you can add those words to your personal dictionary for future use.
  • If you are being suggested and you can’t understand the reason for suggestions, then you can view explanations of grammar rules.
  • The Plagiarism report comes after detection of the content with more than 16 billion web pages which are available on the internet, and this process takes a few seconds.

How Can It Help Students Write Better Contents?

Grammarly For Students

The best tool to write content, presentation, and proposal is one and only Grammarly for students. If you are a student probably It is very tough to write your own content, and then it’s not possible to make corrections manually.

For your assistance, It has been developed that AI should do these tasks to make your life easier. I know, being a student, It’s very tough to write long and lengthy proposals.

Grammarly assists you to put the comma on the proper places even. You just need to put your content rest of the things will be managed by Grammarly with ease.

Mostly 90% of students love to use Grammarly because It always assists them. Do you know why these tools are premium and expensive? It really deserves because of its functionalities.

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