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How To Get 60% Off WPX Hosting Monthly Hosting Plans?

Here, you will discover some WPX Hosting Coupons that will help you get a discount on the best web hosting services recommended by almost all Pro WordPress Bloggers out there.

How Web Hosting is Important to Choose?

Many people don’t realize that web hosting plays an important part in the success of a blog or website. A blog runs smooth and fast if its servers perform properly. So the speed and performance of the blog totally depends on how the servers are performing.

So if you want to make your website and blog run faster and smoother then you have to choose the best web hosting service provider which will make your blog fast and best.

What to Look At a Web Hosting?

We expect a certain thing from the best web hosting company. The features and service are mentioned below which we should expect in the best web hosting.

1. 99.99% Up Time

Checking the uptime of any web server is essential for ensuring that every person is able to access your website or blog. uptime is vital because if you go with a cheap server which lacks good services then most of the time your site will be down. Because of this, your website will not be able to be accessed, and this will lead to your website becoming rust. So to ensure your website will not go down, its uptime should be checked.

2. Site Load Time

The other important factor comes is the site load time which is the time taken by your site to load its content and pages. Everyone wants to do things fast and if your website is taking time to load then they will feel frustrated waiting for your blog to load and this will make them bounce to another website. this will reduce the traffic of your website or blog.

3. Customer Support Team

WPX Hosting Discount

If you keep your customers satisfied then they will stay with your company or they will switch to another web hosting provider. The support team should be capable of solving any problem a customer might encounter.

These are the features to look for before going for a web host. Before learning more about WPX Hosting and how it can help you, you can check out our wpx hosting promo codes and use one during the checkout to get a discount on any available monthly WPX Hosting plans.

What is WPX hosting?

WPX hosting is an amazing WordPress hosting service that hosts WordPress blogs and websites. The company is well known in the market and is featured in the G2 Crowd blog and Trustpilot blog as the best web hosting service for websites and blogs.

They have gained the trust of the users by providing the best services and features like free site migration and SSL certificate. These features will help you to save a lot of money. WPX hosting has been in the market for many years and continues to satisfy their users.

WPX Hosting Pricing

Top features of WPX hosting

1. 99.99% Up Time Guarantee

Like the best companies, WPX hosting holds the position in the uptime. It guarantees 99.99% uptime of your website or blog. as mentioned above that how important the uptime is for the success of a blog.

2. Website load time

WPX hosting has the uptime below 1 second which is the fastest load time in the market. To increase the performance of your website and user experience then load time will place its charm on the user. They will be impressed with the amazing speed of your blog. this will build a permanent user base.

3. 24×7 responsive customer support

If you are facing any kind of problem then you have a wide option to connect with the customer support team and they will solve your problem in no time. In WPX hosting there are many ways to get connected with the support team like live chat, call, email, etc.

4. Security

WPX hosting has protection from DDoS attack and another attack. It is secure from any virus attack due to it’s advance dedicated firewalls which keep your data on the server safe from hackers and attacks.

WPX Hosting SSL

5. Automatic backup

You have the feature of automatic daily backup which will increase the security of your data from any data loss. From the backup, you can be able to restore your website after it has gone under attack. the data will be automatically stored on a different server so that the data would be secure.

6. Unlimited free site migration

The site migration feature requires a fee for moving your current website from old server to new server but if you are planning to move it on WPX hosting then you will not have to pay any fee as the migration is free on it. this is amazing features from which you can save some money on the migration.

7. The unlimited free SSL certificate

If you want to make your website secure and built users trust on the blog then you will have to add the SSL certificate which you have to buy on yearly basis but in WPX hosting you have the unlimited SSL certificate. Means you can install as many certificates as you want in your all websites.

8. WPX hosting Discount

For those new to web hosting and do not want to spend a lot, it is possible to take advantage of the WPX Hosting Coupon offer through which you can get any of the WPX Hosting plans at a very discounted price. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it now.

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