Unique-Texts: Functionality Overview

Website: http://unique-texts.com/

Unique-Texts is another handy tool that performs plagiarism search online. It is the best fit for short assignments, essays, and other texts that don’t exceed 250 words. Since it doesn’t detect citations and references, a user should check a text, which doesn’t include them to obtain more accurate search results. Right after scanning is completed, the tool generates a simple report. To find out what details it has, read on.

Check Quality and Usability

The program offers a possibility of a free scan for plagiarism. It doesn’t have its own database, so it uses search engine index for text comparison. This allows getting relevant search results. Unique-Texts can’t recognize commonly used phrases, so it will be marked as plagiarism too.

plagiarism checker unique-texts.com

Key Features and Results Delivery

Unique-Texts is a checker, which is offered for free and without registration. When the search is finished, the user gets a check report. It includes information about plagiarism percentage of the text, a list of online sources where the duplicate content may have been borrowed from. Each source is provided with plagiarism percentage too. However, the tool doesn’t allow uploading files, nor adjusting search sensitivity settings.

Features to be Implemented

There are a few features that are going to be released soon. The checker will recognize citations, support .pdf, .odt and many other file formats and allow uploading them for running a plagiarism check.


This tool is a handy plagiarism checker designed for scanning short texts. It doesn’t give much information on the check report, but it’s still a good solution for those who don’t need a lot of statistics on the completed check. Check out the Unique-Texts website from time to time, to know when the tool will be enhanced with already mentioned features to make this service more reliable.

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