Solid Seo Tools: Tool Basic Features Review

Solid Seo Tools is a platform that offers a set of helpful tools to every individual who require SEO online assistants’ service like Meta Tag Generator, Backlink Maker, XML Sitemap Generator and many more. It also has a free plagiarism detection tool, since each website owner should be 100% sure about the content originality published on his/her resource. is good for a quick check for plagiarism ran online. The tool allows choosing from checks against Google, Yahoo and Bing. There is no registration required, so scanning a text will take less than one minute.

Key Features

Solid Seo Tools has three different scanning options for users to offer. Namely, a user can select an essay scan, website link scan or article or any other type of content scan. To launch the scanning process, a user needs to copy and paste a text into the search box, or alternatively – upload .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt for checking the whole file.

The checker shows originality index and provides a list of non-original sentences which are actually links leading to original source web pages that were plagiarized.

plagiarism checker seotools

Results Delivery

The results are given in a bit unusual way – there is no traditional report form and no matches shown in the checked text. The software doesn’t mark plagiarized words in the text on the original online source too, which is not very user-friendly.

However, it gives plagiarism percentage and a list of duplicated words which include hyperlinks to original sources. Generally, the tool is useful for any user taking great care of originality of his/her articles, posts, or any other type of texts.

Quality Check and Usability

Check quality of the Solid Seo Tools checker is good enough for every-day use. As for user-interface, it is easy-to-navigate and contain all necessary basic features to determine text overall quality and timely find unoriginality to be attributed. Conclusion

Solid Seo Tools is good for free and fast checks for plagiarism. This is a simple and convenient service with a clear interface and simple search results, nevertheless it does not allow detecting and skipping correctly cited passages.

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