Smallseotools: Smart SEO Tool Kit with a Plagiarism Detection Option


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This resource offers users a number of convenient tools to work with texts. is a free service, which allows everyone to use such tools as plagiarism checker, article rewriter, keyword position tool and many other handy programs to always stay updated on a user’s website position, frequency of its visiting, etc.

Key Features

Smallseotools provides a simple plagiarism checker with a quite big number of features. Using this checker allows a user to make a check for plagiarism without registration and exclude specific url from the report. One of the most important options is a possibility to upload a document in .txt or .docx instead of copying and pasting it into the search field. It saves time and makes search for plagiarism easier.
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Results Delivery and Check Quality

Smallseotools scans only against the internet and provides reports within a few seconds after the plagiarism scanning process is launched. The program recognizes citations and common phrases. Thus, it can be used not only to detect plagiarism, but also to find missing citations when writing a paper. This checker allows scanning up to 1,000 words at a time.

The results are shown as a list of sentences, which are marked as plagiarized. They also contain plagiarism and originality percentage. However, the tool may often fail to provide accurate similarity rate, therefore, a user will have to launch another scan to ensure all the duplicated areas are properly attributed.


A plagiarism finder provided by Smallseotools is rather simple. It will not take too long to find out how to start checking. The checker allows a user to download a plagiarism report in .pdf, which indicates date of search, total similarity score, total number of words checked, and information on any url that was manually excluded by a user.


Smallseotools is a kit of convenient smart tools. It is not only a free similarities detector, but also a platform with other useful tools for SEO. Namely, there are 60 free tools designed to work with texts or SEO.

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