Search Engine Reports: Outlining Its Key Features

 Plagiarism Checker Review


Search Engine Reports tool is named so not by a mere accident. It serves the purposes of webmasters, website owners as well as those who deal with content creation or publishing. has a free similarity finder in addition to a SERP checker, which provides detailed report on a website search ranking on Google, Bing and some other platforms.  

Search Engine Reports is quite simple-to-use and as most of the free checkers it checks texts for duplicate content against the internet. The search algorithm divides a text into small strings of words and compares them word-for-word to other similar phrases elsewhere on the web. Read on to learn more details about the checker’s report and overall accuracy of checks.
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Key Features

This plagiarism checker is accessible without registration and payments. Each report it provides to users after scanning a text indicates percentage for both matched content and originality. However, the tool does not specify similarity rate for each source where content duplication is detected. The check speed is rather fast, however it depends much on a text length, that is if it exceeds 500 words, the tool checking speed may be decreased.

The tool highlights plagiarized sentences or paragraphs for users to quickly notice matching content and generates hyperlinks to original sources.

Check Quality And Results Delivery

The Search Engine Reports plagiarism checker usually gives precise check results. Sometimes it happens so that it fails to detect similarities even if 100% of text was stolen. In this case a user needs to restart the checking process.

The report is not interactive, it does not allow omitting sources with minor text duplication or excluding citations from the search results. Text matches are not highlighted in the scanned text, which is not convenient. Nevertheless, the report is “equipped” with a basic set features including similarity and originality rates for the whole text, and highlighted duplicated content on each web source page.

For now, Search Engine Reports does not allow downloading or sharing reports.


Search Engine Reports is rather user-friendly. Users can run multiple scans for plagiarism right on the checker’s website without passing through a long registration process. There is a possibility to upload .txt or .docx for checking – it’s faster and easier than pasting it into the check field.


The Search Engine Reports checker is easy-to-use, but sometimes it may fail to detect plagiarism even if it is too obvious. Still, it’s totally free and performs scans without registration. Writers, teachers and students can use it for work and study.

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