Quetext Plagiarism Checker: the Benefits and Limitations

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Quetext carries out each plagiarism check by comparing a text to billions of websites available on the Internet. All the texts checked with Questext are said to be safe and secure, since Quetest claims that it doesn’t store any scanned document in its internal database. All Instead, it uses the browser’s temporary cache for that.

Nevertheless Quetext doesn’t require a user to register, download the program, or make an initial setup, it has some restrictions. It’s allowed to scan a text, which doesn’t exceed 250 words at a time. Therefore, it might bring along some inconveniences.

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H2: Results Delivery and Check Quality

Quetext is said to provide a smart check for similarities. It leaves out commonly used phrases and cited material from search and in such a way enables a user to get more precise scan results.

However, Quetext doesn’t always catch all text matches. This may happen because Quetext doesn’t search through offline sources. Since not all of them have been digitized, such instances of plagiarism can’t be identified. But this problem is common for all online plagiarism checkers that scan texts against the internet.

When the checker detects plagiarism, there’s no plagiarism percentage provided. It’s a drawback, because the best and quickest way to evaluate a text quality is to obtain its plagiarism or originality percentage. When each check is completed, Quetext shows a list of sources together with matching text parts copied from them. All similarities are highlighted to let a user spot unoriginal sentences fast.

Quetext doesn’t allow downloading plagiarism reports and send them to others. There is also no option available to exclude citations.

H2: Key Features

This program works without registration, so scanning time significantly decreases because of that. Quetext also suggests using a grammar check.

The users who don’t know how to use the service or have some questions about it, can find answers on the F.A.Q. page. There are answers to the most commonly put questions.

H2: Usability

Quetext can be easily used without any extra help. Quetext has a contact form on its website, so any user can address the support team any time. This is a way for users to suggest some options they would like to use in the future too, for example, an option letting a user to upload files for check.

H2: Conclusion

Quetext is a helpful tool to avoid plagiarism. Nevertheless it may require a user to double-check received search results, it can promptly spot copied text if it was taken word-for-word from an online source.

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