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The Plagiarisma Online Plagiarism Detector Short Overview

Website: http://plagiarisma.net/

This is a review on Plagiarisma. http://plagiarisma.net/ is a platform, which offers a number of free tools suitable for content writers, students, or those who can’t imagine their lives without writing. In addition to Article Rewriter, Spell Checker and Grammar Checker, the platform also enables everyone to run plagiarism scans for free.

The latter searches for duplication across multiple web sources indexed by Google or Yahoo. The plagiarism finder generates reports available for download in .pdf, supports url scans and allows uploading .pdf, .odt, .doc, and many other formats for scanning.

Plagiarisma works online or as a desktop version.

Key Features

Plagiarisma claims to support more than 190 languages. It offers multiple options for scanning texts for similarities: A user can upload files, copy and paste text into the search box, or insert an url straight on the checker’s website.

Plagiarisma can be used without prior registering, but its functionality will be a bit restricted. Once registration via social media account is completed, more options become accessible to users.

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Check Quality And Results Delivery

After Plagiarisma finishes to check a text for plagiarism, it generates a short report. The report is presented in the form of a table with number of matches spotted on each original source, hyperlinked matching sentences, and also original sources links. Unoriginal text areas are highlighted in bright pink. It’s possible to upload a .pdf report, which will contain the same information as Plagiarism provides on its online report page.  


Plagiarisma is a handy anti-plagiarism tool, which provides free checks. To make use of all its features, users should sign up. It doesn’t require much time, though. Nevertheless Plagiarisma doesn’t have a set of handy options to change search sensitivity or omit cited material from search results, it shows originality percentage, number of words checked and a total amount of unique sentences.

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