Plagiarism Sensor: Convenient Anti-Plagiarism Tool for Daily Use

plagiarism sensor checkerPlagiarism Sensor is a new free tool for students, educators and writers. It became available in 2016. This tool works online and doesn’t need any setup or downloading. It scans texts against the Internet and doesn’t require registration. It is convenient for a quick paper check and allows every user to upload a short text and check it for duplicate content.

screen plagiarism checker

Key Features

Plagiarism Sensor doesn’t require any registration or payment. The program offers unlimited amount of checks. So, it may be not very suitable for long texts such as diploma papers, but it is rather handy when it comes to scanning short novels, stories or student essays. The Plagiarism Sensor algorithm allows checking any text type and shows originality and similarity rates upon completion of each scan.

Results Delivery

Plagiarism Sensor provides a user with search results just within a few seconds. There is no need to read long complex guidelines to be able to interpret check results. They are presented in the form of online report with a list of online sources links. It is possible to click each of them in order to see what exactly needs attribution.  The checker highlights unoriginal word strings in the whole text and generates a list of duplicated sources after each scan. However, a user cannot download the report.

Users can see similarity index provided for the whole text as well as for each individual source where matches were found. To view which part of the checked text was borrowed from a particular website, it is simply necessary to click a highlighted sentence or phrase.

Quality Check and Options to Be Launched Soon

Plagiarism Sensor checks texts without changing their format. So, if the text is uploaded in one format, all its content stays unchanged and there is no need to make any extra format corrections in a text after its scanning for plagiarism is completed. A quick and accurate search for plagiarism is carried out thanks to an up-to-date search engine index Plagiarism Sensor uses.

The Plagiarism Sensor developers plan to implement many additional options to improve the check quality and broaden the list of useful checker’s features like a possibility to check .pdf files and download or share plagiarism reports.


The software has a clear interface and a convenient menu. It does not take long a user to find out how to properly run a check for originality, which helps save time and benefit from regular checker use.


Plagiarism Sensor has a limited list of features available, but if a user tends to write texts using mostly online sources of information, this is a good option being worth trying.

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