Plagiarism Scanner: Brief Functionality Description


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Plagiarism Scanner is a free anti-plagiarism tool suitable for regular checks. It is accessible online and performs checks across web sources. Similarly to other online tools, Plagiarism Scanner compares texts to all recently indexed websites. It is possible to run as many checks per day as one needs. Though the checker can scan a 250-word text.

So, whenever a user needs to scan longer texts, he or she should divide a text into several parts and check them one by one. Alternatively, it is possible to scan only those passages that raise doubts as for their originality.

The Main Features

The main benefit of the checker is that it’s totally free and offers unlimited number of checks to it users. Plagiarism Scanner works online and doesn’t require any registration unless a user would like to check the whole list with original sources. Otherwise a user will be asked to leave his/her user name and email. Plagiarism Scanner is compatible with any device and browser. The checker shows overall similarity percentage, number of words checked and resources with matches.   

Results and Quality Check

The program gives check results with similarity index and highlights the words that are plagiarized. The results also contain a list of the resources where the content was plagiarized from and total similarity percentage. For now, reports provided by Plagiarism Scanner cannot be downloaded or shared via email.

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Features to Be Implemented

Plagiarism Scanner has enough options for convenient software use, and this plagiarism checker developers keep on working to implement more handy features. The program will check texts in languages other than English soon. Users will also have a possibility to exclude resources from the list if they contain only some minor matches or detect and exclude citations from the report.


Plagiarism Scanner is a convenient tool nevertheless it lacks many useful functions. It checks texts fast and immediately provides plagiarism search results. Luckily, the tool is being upgraded, so not to miss its upcoming updates, keep checking the website.

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