Plagiarism-Detection. A Free Online Plagiarism Checker Review



Among numerous online checkers available for free on the internet, there is one, which is worth mentioning. This is a new online service called Plagiarism-Detection. was made in 2016 to let everyone willing to stay original timely notice uncited sentences and give proper credit to their author.

Check Quality and Results Delivery

Like many other free detectors, Plagiarism-Detection supports scanning against online sources using a real-time web index. It’s designed for scanning small text excerpts and seems to be a good fit for those who don’t need to run plagiarism checks too frequently. The quality of checks of this checker may differ from some famous paid software, but despite that it still gives proper results and can timely notify a user of any text matches that should be avoided.


The results are shown in a special field, which appears just after the scanning process is finished. By the way, in contrast to some other plagiarism checkers that require a user to come back to the scan page to start a new check, Plagiarism-Detection allows a user to paste a new text and start a new scan right on the same page where previous scan was run.

Key Features

Plagiarism Detection has a few key features, which are obligatory for any similar tools:

  • Showing plagiarism and originality percentage
  • Generating a list with sources where certain words or sentences may have been plagiarized from
  • Counting total amount of words and sentences in the text a user scans

The word count is a necessary feature especially for writers and bloggers. This way, they can see the proportion of original text compared to plagiarized and cited text part in order to add more personal insight into their writings.

The program provides only one type of check – it’s document against the Internet. Thus, it can’t compare two documents.


Despite this checker is quite handy, it’s made not for checking theses or long articles. There is a 250-word limit and there is no possibility to download reports. Plagiarism-Detector doesn’t allow uploading files, which is inconvenient for those who needs to check their texts regularly.


Plagiarism-Detector is simple, yet helpful online assistant, which searches for content duplication on the internet. It is said to be enhanced with a new set of features soon. Thus, users will be able to scan  texts written in languages other than English, upload .docx, .doc, .txt and other files formats for scanning.

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