A Free Plagiarism Checker Plag-Check as a solution for non-professionals

Website: http://plag-check.com

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Plag-check is a fast and simple service to check texts for plagiarism. http://plag-check.com was created in 2016 and it’s steel updating for better functionality. The program is available for free and may be helpful for checking small texts.

Key Features

Plag-Check detects similarities through search engines. This method allows getting the most recent and actual results. The program also gives a list of the original sources where the plagiarized strings of words might have been taken from.

Plag-Check doesn’t have any settings and it has not flexible check. The program can’t detect citations and exclude them automatically.

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Check Quality and Results Delivery

Plag-Check uses the best search engines to compare text to the most recent content on the Internet. The program counts total amount of words and plagiarism percentage. Plagiarized parts of text are highlighted with blue to show which sentences should be replaced. Upon completion of each check, it provides a user with hyperlinks to duplicated sources. There is also a similarity index close to each of them. Besides, this software shows the amount of the sources where the plagiarized words have been taken from. The check results are clear and easy to interpret.


Plag-Check has a very convenient and simple to use interface. But it doesn’t have some useful options so working with this tool might be not so convenient as it might have been. Despite that, it a good solution for those who doesn’t need a professional tool for regular usage.


Plag-Check won’t charge any extra payments for the features to be added to its functionality. In fact, it doesn’t have many of them. This program is created just for simple check and it does it well.

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