Online-Plagiarism-Checker Review: Main Features and Benefits


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Online-Plagiarism-Checker is a relatively new service that has recently appeared on the online market, but successfully started the battle with other competitors. Online-Plagiarism-Checker has not many features available, but its design and interface are rather user-friendly and simple. This anti-plagiarism tool is especially helpful for those who need to scan short texts, articles, or assignments every day.

Key Features

The main option of any plagiarism detection software is naturally to detect similarities between two or more texts or across the whole internet. A free Online-Plagiarism-Checker copes with this task. It supports one type of check allowing users to scan texts across the web sources. The program like many other similar tools spots all the similarities in the text and highlights them in blue.

Online-Plagiarism-Checker operates online. It doesn’t need installation. There is no need to sign up for the service to be able to run checks, search results become accessible right after a user clicks on the check button.

Unfortunately, the program doesn’t have an option to exclude or detect citations. Thus, a user cannot obtain more relevant search results if his/her text has too many citations, since the checker will consider them as plagiarism. A good solution is to check only those parts of the text, which do not contain citations or references.

Despite it is free, the total amount of words that can be checked at a time amounts to 250.

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Check Quality

The check quality of the program improves regularly, since its developers constantly add new options and enhance the check algorithm quality. The program uses search engine index for text comparison. For now, the tool checks not always accurately, which means that a user will have to check the received results twice.

Results Delivery

Results of each check appear on the homepage after the scanning process is completed. The results obtained show the total amount of words and resources used in the text. As it was said above, check results are highlighted in blue, so that a user quickly notice what sentences need attributing. Still, there is no possibility to download the check report for offline use


The Online-Plagiarism-Checker website has a simple and clear interface, so the scanning process will take less than one minute. The check box is located on the homepage to be immediately found by users. A possibility to use the service without registration is the additional benefit of Online-Plagiarism-Checker.


Online-Plagiarism-Checker has very simple features and options. The program doesn’t allow users to upload text files to the website, so it’s not very convenient to use. However, it gives reliable results and perfectly fits those who don’t need to check big amount of texts and do this too often.

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