Darkwritertool: A Plagiarism Tool Overview

Website: http://darkwritertool.com

Darkwritertool Plagiarism Checker

Simple design of a free plagiarism checker Darkwritertool differs from many similar tools. Darkwritertool is designed exclusively for copied content detection and it doesn’t have any other options like grammar or spell check. The program creators believe that it’s better to offer less options for the sake of better search quality of the checker. Proceed reading to get to know how accurately Darkwritertool checks and what way it presents its plagiarism search data.

H2: Key Features and Usability

Among the main benefits of Darkwritertool are fast check without registration, a handy and concise report and a word counter. The Darkwritertool’s team is going to add some more new features to the checker’s functionality to make it more helpful, so it will be able to detect citations and references in different academic writing styles and exclude them from search to enable a user obtain more updated information on a text plagiarism rate.

Screen Darkwritertool Checker

H2: Results Delivery

The check results are easy-to-interpret. Darkwritertool calculates overall amount of words checked. Upon completion of the scanning process, it provides similarity percentage for each duplicated source as well as for the whole text. Thus, a user can primarily focus on the sources with the biggest number of matches and then check the rest of them. The plagiarized areas in the text are highlighted. Sources mentioned in report are presented as hyperlinks. By clicking an eye icon next to each sources, a matching text part will be highlighted.

H2: Quality Check

Darkwritertool is a free checker, so it naturally can’t be as effective as the best paid plagiarism checkers. Despite that, Darkwritertool delivers quite precise results due to a smart scan algorithm and instantly updated search engine index it uses. This is more than enough to know whether the text is original or not.

H2: Conclusion

Darkwritertool is totally free and doesn’t even require any registration. Scanning for plagiarism is available on the home page at the checker’s website.

Darkwritertool may become a handy tool for daily use for small texts, since it has a word limit (up to 250 words are allowed to be checked at a time), but it is certainly an effective plagiarism finder suitable for regular use.

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